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The ages in each classroom are not based on birth dates alone, but it is based on where your child is developmentally, as well as taking into consideration if the move is necessary and appropriate for your child. The process in which we move a Caterpillar to a Butterfly depends on these questions:

  1. Is there availability in the next room?

  2. Do teachers and doctors believe the child is “ready” to move? (Ready means; physically, emotionally, socially, verbally, cognitively, and age-wise).

  3. Are parents/legal guardians flexible on schedule if their current days are not available?

  4. Finally, we wait for more spaces to become available.

Bright Start will not transition a child until staff believe that they are ready for the next big step. We understand that the change in routine and tuition is something that many families look forward to a faster transition, but we do not make any changes that may not benefit your child.

If there is no space available to move up your child, we will ask for a letter from your family to allow us to keep your child in our care until we are able to transition.

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