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Bright Start Learning Center's tuition is based on different rates for our Caterpillars & Butterflies. Our tuition is based on the following equation: 
Daily Rate × Amount of Days/Wk × 50 ÷ 12 Months = Total Monthly Amount
Caterpillars' daily rate is $46.20/day and our Butterflies is $44.10/day

We also accept tuition assistance programs such as Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) and payment plans that can assist families.

We are happy to invite children to Bright Start on a drop-in basis is spots are available.


5 days a week: $962.50

4 days a week: $770.00

3 days a week: $577.50

2 days a week: $385.00

1 day a week: $192.50

Drop-in: $55.00


5 days a week: $918.75

4 days a week: $735.00

3 days a week: $551.25

2 days a week: $367.50

1 day a week: $183.75

Drop-in: $52.50

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