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Tuition/Drop-in Information

Monthly rates as of January 1, 2023

Tuition is based on this formula: 

Caterpillars (Toddlers)                                          Butterflies (Preschoolers)

[($46.20) x #days/week x 50] / 12 months         [($44.10) x #days/week x 50] / 12 months

5 days a week: $962.50                                 5 days a week: $918.75

4 days a week: $770.00                                 4 days a week: $735.00

3 days a week: $577.50                                 3 days a week: $551.25

2 days a week: $385.00                                 2 days a week: $367.50

1 day a week:  $192.50                                 1 day a week: $183.75

Drop-in: $55.00                                           Drop-in: $52.50

We are happy to invite children to Bright Start Learning Center on a drop-in basis if spots are available. Whether your family is visiting Leadville and want to do some skiing, have an appointment, or are a local resident who is in need of child care on occasion, reach out to us.




Monthly tuition is due on the first of each month through cash, check, or online through the Brightwheel app. Scheduled days may not be traded for unscheduled days. Drop-in charges are due the day you will be coming in. 


We are pleased to accept funds from the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program. For more information about CCCAP, please click here.


To learn more about our school, please start by reading our family handbook:

2023 Bright Start Learning Center Family Handbook

In order to begin the enrollment/ waitlist process we ask that you fill out, sign, and return the following forms:

Additional forms you may need:

You may either return the paperwork directly to Bright Start or send it as a scanned attachment via email to  

Once we receive your enrollment paperwork we will be in touch about space availability, schedule a time to meet, and discuss an enrollment date.

There is a one-time, non-refundable $30 enrollment fee for all new students.


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