About Us

Bright Start Learning Center has provided care for Leadville families since 2005. We offer year-round care for children aged 12 months (walking) up to 7 years old. Children do not have to be potty trained; we will work with families if children are showing an interest in using the restroom such as providing tips and supporting strategies that are being used at home. 
Our curriculum is based on child-lead learning with teachers acting as a support for their learning. We also strive to help children develop essential skills to support their social-emotional growth, fine and gross motor skills, literacy, and verbal skills through play-based strategies

Daily Schedule

Routine helps children know what to expect every day when they come to Bright Start. In order to help establish this routine, the children follow an approximate schedule:

(We would appreciate it for all of our Butterflies to be here no later than 9:30 A.M. to participate in all activities)

Parents and guardians, sometimes our naptime might run early or late depending on how tired children are for the day. We understand the importance rest has on their bodies and growth, and we do not force children to sleep but recommend at least 30 minutes of rest. 

Click on the room your child is in for a daily schedule 

Caterpillars Room 1 (Toddlers 12 months-3 years) with Ms. Desiree & Ms. Jessica

Butterflies Room 2 Schedule (Preschoolers 2 1/2 years- 7 years) with Ms. Angela    


From our Parents...

"We appreciate the professionalism of your staff and the straight forward communication we receive as parents. We feel like 'part of the team' in the care of our children. We are thrilled our children are greeted with smiles and enthusiasm every day they are dropped off...this means SO much!"

-Kelly, parent

We are pleased to accept CCCAP Funds!

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